Bozak Concert Grand B-410 loudspeaker J. Gordon Holt in 1966

J. Gordon Holt wrote about the Bozak B-310 in March 1966 (Vol.1 No.12):

The Bozak B-310 is a moderately efficient direct-radiator loudspeaker system for use in large listening rooms (at least 20' from the listening area) at levels up to "Row C" volume. Middles very smooth and natural, highs rather fiery, lows somewhat variable, from one production-run to another, evidently depending on the amount of fiber-glass packing in the enclosure. Generally, lows are rather heavy, rich, and only moderately well-defined, with a broad hump at around 45Hz and useful response to about 35Hz in a suitable room. Driver blending is excellent and stereo imaging is very good.

A very dramatic-sounding system, better suited for reproducing large musical groups than, say, chamber ensembles. String tone tends to be hard and somewhat wiry, and surface noise is slightly exaggerated, with a predominantly spitty quality. The B-310 is at its best at low to moderately loud levels; at very high levels, high frequencies are likely to become rather shrill.

In pairs, for stereo, room location may have to be carefully chosen in order to avoid excessively heavy bass radiation through the listening area.

J. Gordon Holt wrote about the Bozak B-302 in October 1967 (Vol.2 No.6):

The Bozak B-302 speaker system has a generally excellent balance, but is slightly zizzy at the extreme top, with full, somwhat wooly, and not overly deep low end.