Assistance Audio, North American distributor for BMS, was showing off the company’s drivers. As I was soon to learn, Lacoustic, JBL, and Volti are but three of the audio manufacturers that use BMS’s drivers in their products.

The company’s Jack Arnott explained that BMS’s drivers can be found everywhere from soundstages in LA to naval paging systems and home audio installations. “I’m using my own cabinets so you can see what’s inside,” he said. “I am using Home Depot speaker cable because I am selling speaker components, not speaker cable." Well, I must say that both Tony Bennett and K.D. Lang’s duet on “La Vie en Rose” and the opening chorale from Glenn Gould’s second recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations sounded quite beautiful.

On active display were a BMS 15CN890 triaxial ($1150), with a frequency range from 80Hz–22kHz, paired with a BMS 15N840 ($505), which extends from 30Hz to 80Hz. I wonder if I’ll encounter any of these at the annual Burning Amp event I’m attending in a week’s time.

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Home Depot speaker cable *gasp*.  So it still sounded beautiful regardless. Interesting. No Nordost required.

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Nordost will have a stroke reading that xD

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Doesn't use their drivers, I don't believe.