AudioQuest Cheetah interconnects & Mont Blanc speaker cables Michael Fremer Comments

Michael Fremer wrote about AudioQuest Cheetah & Kilimanjaro in January 2004 (Vol.27 No.1):

The winners [in my search for cables to use with Musical Fidelity's kWP preamplifier and kW monoblocks] were AudioQuest's new Kilimanjaro speaker cable ($4400/8' pair) and Cheetah interconnect ($1000/1m pair), both of which feature an onboard, battery-powered Dielectric-Bias System (DBS), which puts all of the cable's dielectric into a relatively high-voltage (24V) DC field. There is no interaction with the signal path. AudioQuest claims that cable and capacitor break-in is all about the "forming" of the dielectric, or its adaptation to a charged state. AQ's DBS cables leave the factory in a charged state and remain so, even when you turn your system off, so the cables are always "broken in." Whatever's going on, the AudioQuests offered the best combination of detail and frequency extension with the Tri-Vista kW components in my system. Your results may be different.

When you buy a pair of Tri-Vista kW Monoblocs, Musical Fidelity throws in a set of their low-resistance, heavy copper LCOFC Tri-Vista speaker cables. These sounded quite good, with notably good image focus, but didn't offer quite the bass control and HF extension of the AudioQuests—but after you've dropped $24k on the kWs, you'll probably be in no mood to spend another few thousand on speaker cables, and the MF cables are very, very good.—Michael Fremer