Added to the Archives This Week

This week we have two John Atkinson speaker reviews from the February 2004 issue. First, JA gets his hands on the B&W 705 loudspeaker, commenting, "When I heard about the company's new 700 series of speakers, based on the technology featured in their cost-no-object Nautilus series but priced to sell in the real world, I asked to review the $1500/pair 705."

Next, JA takes a stab at the budget-priced Klipsch RB-15 loudspeaker. Can one glimpse audio nirvana with a 5.25" woofer and a horn-loaded 1" titanium-dome tweeter? JA says, "At $300/pair, there has to be some compromise." He explains why.

For Listening #14, Art Dudley contemplates the fate of early digital: "So there are lots of early amps, early speakers, and early record players that are considered classics. Are there any early CD players that are classics? No, because they all sound like shit." But has SACD changed all that?

Finally, we have John Marks' Book Review: Quad: The Closest Approach. Marks notes, "The number of high-end audio companies it would make sense to write an entire book about is quite small." And then there is Quad.