Quintessence’s take on Perfection: Wilson, Moon, Clearaudio, Hanna, Innuos, Kubala-Sosna, and Critical Mass Systems

After achieving Serenity and acquiring Knowledge, do we end up in the land of Perfection? The room I visited after Perfection was Connection, which was occupied by Quintessence Audio. So perhaps we can say that Serenity + Knowledge + Perfection produces a Connection to something higher than ourselves, which in this case would be Nirvana. (There's also a Nirvana room.)

Or might the best way to achieve Perfection be to forget about room names and focus on the music and equipment at hand?

On Flight Path, by Sphere—that's Kenny Barron, Charlie Rouse, Ben Billy and Buster Williams—highs were fast, ideally driving, truly marvelous. Even though room—again—didn’t allow for perfect bass, the sound was excellent.

Heard: Wilson Audio Sasha V loudspeakers ($52,000/pair), Moon’s new 891 preamp/streaming DAC ($25,000) and 861 stereo amp (22,000), Clearaudio’s new Signature turntable with Tracer arm ($5000) and Hana Umami Blue MC cartridge ($2500), Innuos PhoenixNet ($4349), Kubala•Sosna Sensation cabling, and Critical Mass Systems Ultra Q equipment rack.

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Of the high ticket, statement systems in this first floor area, this room was great sounding on every visit over the 3 days we attended. The Sashas were our favorites! The room setup & equipment selection worked well as a system.