Wilson Audio, Dan D’Agostino, Clearaudio, DS Audio, dCS, Innuos, Stromtank, Transparent, and Critical Mass Systems

Does this star-studded brand lineup from Quintessence Audio Ltd. of Chicago sound familiar? It should, not only because it’s frequently encountered at audio shows and dealers, but also because it consistently earns plaudits as one of my Best Sounding Rooms.

I can’t imagine that anyone who heard Sandrine Piau sing “Chanson triste” or Marcin perform “Kashmir” on guitar could miss how gorgeous and open the midrange sounded. The blend of low, mids, and highs was peerless, the sense of power awe-inspiring. Despite a pesky room mode, Yello’s “Electrified II” sounded remarkably clear and strong in the bass.

Jim Austin has the same Wilson Alexx V loudspeakers ($157,000/pair) as in this room. When I visited him in NYC a while back, I sat marveling at the gorgeous beauty of mezzo Sarah Connolly’s plush voice. Oh, how I wish I had a pair of these babies. But first, I’m told I’d need to enlarge the music room. So far, the JVS Music Room Enlargement Fund has raised $000000.00, the unknown relative I hoped would leave me their fortune has failed to materialize, and my relatively few tries at Mega Millions and PowerBall are helping raise the percentage of people who win absolutely nothing. But we can always hope, can’t we?

In good company, the Alexx Vs joined D’Agostino Relentless M800 mono amplifiers ($195,500/pair), a Relentless preamp ($149,500), and the Momentum HD phono preamp ($32,500). Clearaudio supplied the new Master Jubilee turntable with Unity 10" tonearm ($60,000) with DS Audio’s Goldfinger Statement MC cartridge ($17,500) and Grand Master EQ ($45,000). From dCS, the reference Vivaldi Apex DAC ($46,500), Vivaldi master clock ($21,000), and Vivaldi Upsampler Plus ($27,000).

An Innuos Statement NG music server served up digital music, acting as a Roon transport ($25,000). It was one of many front-end products receiving power from a Stromtank S2500Q Mk II ($30,000). Transparent Opus and X cabling and a Critical Mass Systems Maxxum-Ultra rack completed this powerhouse system.