Added to the Archives This Week

We kick off three speaker reviews from the September issue with Brian Damkroger's assessment of the Audio Physic Virgo III loudspeaker. A perfect meld of minimonitor and full-range bass extension? BD reveals all.

Michael Fremer tackles the "best-selling over-$10,000 loudspeaker in history," the Wilson Audio Specialties WATT/Puppy 7 loudspeaker. While MF can't verify how many pairs of WATT/Puppies have actually sold, he can verify why.

Next, we have Paul Messenger squeezing the new "superspeaker" Focal-JMlab Grande Utopia Be loudspeaker into his listening space. PM wonders, "Is the JMlab Grande Utopia Be the finest loudspeaker on the planet?"

In his "As We See It" from September, "The Passing Parade," John Atkinson discusses iPods, Home Entertainment 2003, the passing of Jason Bloom, and why our international readers should be so happy.

Finally, the most recent installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives, Recording of September 2003: Franck & Rachmaninoff Sonatas. Bradley Bambarger notes, "Bold in sound and sensibility, this live-wire recording matches two Romantic chamber works related in spirit in performances by two young soloists related by blood."