Jolida's Big System

Big does not mean five figures in Jolida's book. The most expensive equipment in their main exhibit on the second floor of the Marriott Tower were the Phase 6 Tape Deck from United Home Audio ($15,000) that was playing master tapes from The Tape Project, the Von Schweikert factory-direct VR33 loudspeakers ($3750/pair), and the Fosgate tube phono preamp ($2500).

Equally graced by the Clearaudio Concept turntable/arm ($1400) and a "sneak peak" at the Benz Ace Classic cartridge ($500), Jolida's JD 1000 P 100Wpc tube power amp ($2000), JD 3000B balanced circuit tube preamp ($1000), and JD 100A tube CD player ($950) sounded really fine playing a master tape of music by Arnold. "Gets the triangle just right", I wrote in my notes.

On Rebecca Pidgeon's classic track, "Spanish Harlem," which was playing in every third room at an audio show held shortly after its release on Chesky, Pidgeon's voice had a most lovely sweetness that was enhanced by the detail granted her little girl delivery. Despite some room resonances which affected the midrange, the highs were beautiful, and the presentation extremely fetching. I loved it.

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Do not EVER buy anything from Jolida. Two capacitors went bad and they kept my amp for over TWO MONTHS and charged me almost $300 to fix it. NO APOLOGY whatsoever except to tell me their "systems weren't the best". $300 for two capacitors. Two months. No contact from them. EVER.

Their stuff is just rebranded Chinese equipment anyway.