Zu Strikes Back

Was it divine retribution that inspired Zu Audio’s Sean Casey to play The Evens intoning “Shut Up! Shut Up!” just as I entered the room? All I know is that, while I have been critical in the past of Zu Audio’s incisive sound, I never fail to find the room full of people digging it. More than that, Sean surprised me by playing Ella Fitzgerald, later in life, performing “Good Morning, Heartbreak,” and I too was digging it. Clearly Zu speakers, cabling, and cartridges are suited to jazz as much as raucous rock.

Zu was demming the show premiere of its 10" coaxial The Union loudspeaker ($2000/pair). Shown aside the larger Definition MK IV ($12,700/pair), and near the Submission subwoofer ($4200) with the same bottom-firing 12" woofer as concealed in the larger speaker, the rest of the system included the excellent Peachtree integrated amplifier, a heavily modified Technics SL-1200 table with Zu DL-103 Grade 1 cartridge ($499), and Zu cabling.