Zellaton Reference MkII Speakers, YS Sound Electronics, Reed Turntable, Top Wing Cartridge, Schnerzinger Cabling

Excellent bass, a somewhat toned-down presentation and somewhat dry midrange, and excellent imaging—the speakers completely disappeared—were the hallmarks of Zellaton Reference Mk II Loudspeakers (2018) (€147,950/pair). As with all our show reports, how much of what I heard was due to electronics previously unknown to me, and whose sound I cannot begin to describe until I hear them in a familiar context, I cannot ascertain.

The 2018 model of Zellaton's Reference loudspeakers contain Duelund Cast capacitors and inductors with a paper-based dielectric along with Duelund wiring. Also in the hardly-bargain-priced system: YS Sound YSS-782 preamplifier ($312,500) and YSS-722 monoblocks ($437,500/pair), either a Reed Muse 3C turntable (€15,850) with Reed 5T tonearm (€14,900) and Top Wing Suzaku Red Sparrow cartridge ($16,000) and Nem Phono Kit 4 (TBD) or Reed Music 1C turntable (€11,000) with Reed 1X tonearm (€3000) and DS Audio Master 1 equalizer and optical cartridge (€22,000), and Schnerzinger Protector & Comprehensive Cabling System.

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A half million dollar amplifiers? I mean, I can understand some limited production pieces at prices of $20K-$30K or so, but this should be the top end of the price spectrum. Has everyone lost their minds here, or is it me???

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Or, maybe, both. Losing their minds, that is. :8^)

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Waiting for JVS to review these YS Sound amps and pre-amp ....... also, JA1 to do the measurements :-) .......

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..for normal people don’t even know what an amplifier actually is :-}

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Is Munich the sort of show where more pedestrian or moderately priced gear is on display?