Vienna Acoustics Mozart Speakers, Vincent SP-T700 Amplifiers, Pangea Cables

Given the background noise, it was a little difficult to focus on the music from Yello and Roger Waters of Pink Floyd in the system from Vienna Acoustics and Vincent, but this little system's ability throw a large, ear-catching ambient soundstage was its strong point. Speakers were the Vienna Acoustics Mozart (€1800/pair). Vincent electronics included (I think) the new DAC-7, which handles up to 32/384 and DSD256 and has a tube output stage, along with the SA-T7 preamp (€2499), SP-T700 mono hybrid amplifier (€1999/each), CD-S7 hybrid CD player (€2199), and PHO-701 phono stage (€649). Cables were from Vincent and Pangea.

Vienna Acoustics' Chief Engineer, Piotr Cholewa, showed me a passive display of the two speakers in the company's new Reference Line, the Beethoven Concert Grand Reference (€9900/pair including 20% VAT), and Beethoven Baby Grand Reference (€7500/pair including 20% VAT). Both use the company's new flat cone drivers, which are comprised of a special mixture of glass fiber and other substances. Each speaker's midrange contains two cones, which are made from two different substances.