Cube Audio Nenuphar Loudspeakers, Teutron TU 2A3/50S-1 Amplifier, Lampizator Big 7 DAC

When I visited Pass Labs’ Nelson Pass at his Sea Ranch California hideaway, I was completely taken by his studio reference speakers; which, consisted of Cube Audio 8" F8 Magus full-range drivers mounted on an open vertical baffle. Mounted face down on a small horizontal baffle about 5" above the floor was a slot-loaded 15" Eminence woofer. The woofer was separated from the wide-open full-range driver by an LX Mini active crossover and driven by a First Watt F7 amplifier. I told Nelson I could retire a happy man with that system.

When I returned to Brooklyn, I went online and fell into the Cube Audio full-range paper-cone driver rabbit hole. On their website, Cube Audio states, “We believe that full-range speakers can create an illusion of live music that multiway loudspeakers struggle to match. Amazing soundstage, absolute holography, magical midrange, open and direct sound that gives you the most emotional presentation possible of your favorite music.”

That statement pretty closely matches my experiences with full-range drivers--especially theirs.

At AXPONA 2019 and now at High End 2019, Cube Audio demonstrated their beautifully finished complete speakers, like the €16,000/pair Nenuphar that I would die to hear in my own system. It plays recordings and projects sound with an unfiltered, unmitigated directness that is unimaginable until you’ve experienced it. It plays fresh like mountain stream water and puts you close to the performers. It seems fast in that nail-the-whole-transient way. It plays classical music with subtlety, texture, and vivid elucidation. When the Nenuphar plays rock and blues, it does so with an eager sense of punch and boogie.

The Nenuphar was driven by Tektron’s €6000 TU 2A3/50S-I Reference amp. The source was Lampizator’s Big 7 DAC (€11,000).

This system generated giant, highly detailed soundstages and extraordinarily textured voices and instruments.

This Cube Audio system was different from other systems at the show. It sounded clearer and more direct, less muted or processed. The Cube Audio Nenuphar’s straightforward directness stimulated feelings of closeness and intimacy with a variety of recorded programs. Very satisfying.

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So, how long we have to wait for a review of the Cube Audio Nenuphar loudspeakers? :-) ........

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Cube is part of the Pass Labs Group,

Shouldn't take long for these guys to get a proper review considering that HR seems willing to "die for" them.

Tony transiting in 11 days

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Thank you Herb. I'm looking forward to your review when it comes someday. I have the white pair from AXPONA . I'm driving them with a 2A3 SET with EML 300B 2.5v driver tubes so 4w. The combination is excellent. They are everything you've said and more. A very beautiful holographic, full range, full spectrum, full scale, sound in vivid no crossover clarity. I moved up to the Nenuphers from RETHM Trishnas which are of course of the same general type and are wonderful speakers for what they do well. But the friend said it best when he heard them for the first time, he just said, "oh my god!". True enough, and an ongoing experience. I could not be happier. If I won the lottery and could buy dream electronics I'd keep the Nenuphars. Although the new 15" widebander looks amazing.

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You could add 15" self-powered subwoofers to the Nenuphar speakers, if you want more bass extension and loudness ......... just like Nelson Pass was doing ........... Just a suggestion :-) .........

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actually it's textron,not's been reviewed in stereophile,too.

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In reference to Tesla Cars :

Please consider that Tesla Cars have a service life of One Million Miles , that includes the Battery System. Tesla Cars are designed and built to be full service Robotic Taxi's ( Taxi Cabs typically last 500,000 miles ) .

Additionally , Tesla are the 3 safest cars in the World. ( by a wide margin )

I'm writing this in response to Paul's Sunday Vlog about increasing sound quality as Price increases.

Paul is an Onwer of a Tesla Car that has a very good audiophile sound system.

Tony counting down from day 11

ps. American Cars have an traditionally established Service Life of 11 years.

Asian Cars have a typical service life of 16 years. dammit , ouch

German Cars in Germany have a Lifetime Service Life but more like a 7 year service life in USA ( because of parts cost-structures )

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"Tesla Cars are designed and built to be full service Robotic Taxi's ( Taxi Cabs typically last 500,000 miles ).

Uh, reality check from Eschaton:

"Even leaving aside the technological fantasy (narrator: they will never work), don't people have any idea how much wear and tear taxis get? Every suitcase is likely to scuff the paint (as an aside, not sure how granny's get her suitcase in the trunk) or the seats. Minor scrapes and fender benders are inevitable, even if it isn't the fault of your robot taxi's brain. And cars just don't last all that long with that kind of driving without a team keeping them together with gum and twine. Which is fine for beaters, but Tesla owners have or think they have a luxury car, and repair costs absurdly high for them. And that's before we get to drunks puking in them, which is of course a thing."

And now back to our regularly scheduled audio content.

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A million miles seems exaggerated, doesn't it ?

I've been part of the Larger Transportation Industry where our Working workhorse engines get thier first tune-up at the Half million mark. ( Detroit Diesels )

Tractor Trailers can and will stay on the Highway for many Decades of Cross Country freight hauling in all weathers and conditions.

Our Euclid Locomotives Life span is still unknown, certainly it's multi million miles per decade, they're All in active service after 5 decades.

Audiophile gear can have decades long useful lives with a wide range of known examples continually popping up at Shows like Axpona ( Quad 57s that our JA discovered and published )

Just after WW11, General Motors Executives decided to build cars as RE-Cycled Transportation systems featuring continuously advancing technologies. Our monopoly System Crashed as Asian Cars provided three times the utility and life value but even they don't last all that long compared to durable goods like the Tesla is designed to be.

Good News is : Tesla is Made in the USA and is now the finest Car money can buy, no exceptions.

Tony in transit

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Curious how Paul McGowan's mention of his Tesla in his vlog transpollinated over here to Stereophile.

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What is the name of smaller Cube speakers standing next to the big ones ?