Wireworld's New Series 7

Come February, assures Wireworld's National Sales Manager Larry Smith, virtually all of the company's Series 6 will cede to the new Series 7. New to the line will be musical instrument and headphone cables. As explained in a Waveform Fidelity White Paper, of which I seem to have inadvertently absconded with a mere 17 copies—apologies both to the company and the ecology—the entire Series 7 was developed using digital differencing technology.

Cables boast Wireworld's proprietary Compositex insulation, now in its second generation, "which preserve[s] the purity of the signal better than any conventional insulation material, including DuPont Teflon." To give a sample range of prices, Ultraviolet 7 USB costs $50/meter, while top-of-the line Platinum Starlight USB, one of the few carry-overs from the earlier line, costs $600/meter. Smith is holding samples of Eclipse 7 speaker cable and the Stratus 7 power cord.