Wilson Audio Specialties WITT loudspeaker Martin Colloms's System

Sidebar 2: Martin Colloms's System

Analog: Linn LP12/Lingo/Naim ARO/Koetsu Rosewood II or van den Hul Grasshopper IV GLA.
CD playback: Krell KPS20i/l, Wadia 16, Mark Levinson No.30.5.
Preamplification: Audio Research LS7 and LS22, Conrad-Johson PV10AL and PV12.
Power amplification: Krell KAS-2, Audio Research VT150SE & VTM120, Krell KSA-200S, Conrad-Johnson MV55, Meridian 605, Naim NAP250.
Integrated amplification: Musical Fidelity A1000, Exposure 20.
Cables: Transparent Reference, Kimber Black Pearl & KCAG balanced and unbalanced, Siltech 4x180 & FTM4, van den Hul Revelation, The First & The Second.—Martin Colloms