When was the last time you listened to a vinyl record on your system?

When was the last time you listened to a vinyl record on your system?
40% (260 votes)
Within the last week
26% (170 votes)
Within the last two weeks
4% (27 votes)
Within the last month
3% (19 votes)
Within the last couple of months
3% (20 votes)
Months ago
3% (17 votes)
A year or more
16% (106 votes)
4% (28 votes)
Total votes: 647

Downloads are taking off and it has been 25 years since CD was launched, yet audiophile demand for turntables and vinyl continues unabated. When did you last spin a record?

Dieter Zimmerer's picture

I propably listen to more vinyl than CD. Just love that vinyl sound on a good TT, It just sound more like music!!!

Joseph - mills@telepath.com's picture

I play and purchase vinyl on a regular basis. I actually prefer it over CD for it's sonic qualities, esthetics of packaging, and just plain fun factor.

Peter Clark's picture

I got rid of my vinyl in 1990, believing the lie of "perfect sound forever." Three years ago, I started buying it all back. If there's a choice (not often,) I will buy new music on vinyl rather than CD. I now have three turntables, and the thrust of the development of my systems is analog.

DBN's picture

I use predominantly vinyl, but have a few CDs. I would be happy never to buy a CD again.

Ciaran Taylor's picture

Replaced my Linn K9 with a Sumiko Blue point recently: listening non-stop to vinyl ever since!!

Leapy99's picture

I couldn't imagine a day without Vinyl

Robert Wolk's picture

The vinyl reunion was OK, but when I began to notice the clips and pops I realized you can never go home. Sometimes, the mind has funny way of rewriting history.

Brian Bush's picture

I do not consider myself an audiophile and I do not have high-end equipment but there is no doubt that vinyl sounds better then CDs. The new re-issues of Led Zeppelin

Ed McMullen's picture

All the Crap, Hype and Uncertainty that is being generated for new digital formats that offer very little software made it an easy decision for me to upgrade my analog front end. No regrets. However, SACD does seem promising.

bean_counter's picture

Vinyl + my <$3K vintage/DIY system stomps many five-figure set-ups. Newer and pricier is not always better!

Neville Parakh's picture

I actually just got into vinyl and am extremely glad I did. Just look at all the great Jazz that is being reissued new on vinyl. Look at all the great Rock that you get for a song at used vinyl shops. I just wish I had taken the vinyl plunge earlier.

George Simler IV's picture

Vinyl plain and simply kicks cd's butt and that was from a $300 turntable with included cheap cartridge vs. a ~$500 cd player.... I've since bought a better cartridge.....and more vinyl.

Geoff Goldstein's picture

I try to listen to at least one piece of vinyl daily. It's just good for the soul.

Rob's picture

15 years ago --

jouvertjackson469@hotmail.com's picture

I am not happy with my present set up- at present enjoy cd's better.

Tony R.  Harrison Sr.'s picture

While I do own both a CD player and a turntable and enjoy both, my preference is vinyl and I receive far more satisfaction and pleasure from it. However, during any given listening session, at home, I always follow one rule ... I never mix the two. During the listening session, I either listen to CDs or vinyl. One or the other and never both. Otherwise listening to vinyl tends to spoil CD listening. Thus, I never mix the two.

Antony Scott's picture

My ratio of listening to vinyl to CD is now roughly 20-1. The CD player sees rare action indeed. The vinyl set-up, however, is so enjoyable that I'm now sleep-deprived as I can't stand to stop listening early. FWIW: My setup is distinctly mid-fi. Systemdek IIX with an Origin Live modded RB-250 arm; cartridge is a Reson Reca. The TT is mounted on Neuance support shelf, which itself sits on a Sound Organization wall shelf. CD player is a Cambridge Audio CD4SE. The amp is a Linn Intek integrated; speakers are JSE Infinite Slope 1.8As.

Joe Hartmann's picture

I was just listening the Beethoven's Missa Solemnis By Von Karajan. The violin solo introducing the Bendictus has a sweetness on vinyl that I have yet achieve on a CD. As I write you I am listening to a secondary system for the Louis Armstrong Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings; music I would not have if cd's were not available. Maybe digital will be improved by upgrading my system. So newer equipment sounds closer to the real thing. About 75% of my software is vinyl.

Woody Battle's picture

I was recently offered a fairly large collection of vinyl (50+ records) and a nice turntable for free. I don't even have a phono pre-amp in my system, so I turned down the offer.

thad6000@hotmail.com's picture

Today, just like every day.

Jon W's picture

Analog is 100% "sampling"

Anonymous's picture

I've played twenty-seven albums in two days. Love the weekends! I enjoy the bargain hunting for used albums, and I enjoy the music on vinyl more than on CD. Albums must be better, they have music on both sides!

Norris Wilson's picture

Long live vinyl, at least untill CD's get better than analog.

Modern Stereophile's picture

Why not ask about wax cylinders?

Don C.'s picture

Vinyl is the only realistic sounding music medium. Why listen to anythig else?

Jacques Raymond's picture

I do not buy new vinyl anymore but I still enjoy what I have.

Oyster's picture

I'm on permanent digital diet.

Andrew Hollis's picture

THE WHITE ALBUM, the original pressing -- and it'll be the only version I'll listen to 'till they get their act together and remaster! (Of course, without Sonic Solutions NoNoise, please -- you should know better!)

Bill E.'s picture

The last turntable went down around 10 years ago and I never replaced it. At the time there was very little new software coming out and my investment was only a couple of hundred LPs.

Ian Lane's picture

I have thousands of them to play via TNTjr,SMEV, Clavis D.C. More analog reviews and coverage please.