What is the least amount you have spent on an audio component that produced music that made you happy?

Money can't always buy love, but it is often thought it can buy audio happiness. Or can it? What is the least amount you have spent on an audio component that produced music that made you happy?

What is the least amount you have spent on an audio component that produced music that made you happy?
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I have no idea
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Jim Tavegia's picture

$25 on a Dual 502 that I rebuilt. Plays great and sounds very good. A free Sony PS1.

Hans's picture

$200 for a pair of AudioEngine 2s, attached to my desktop PC. 80% of the time, I just let these suckers rip instead of firing up the big rig.

Pete's picture

I spent about $20 to get a better cable to connect my CD player to my headphone amp. It made an obvious difference that greatly improved the clarity of what I was listening to. Oh, and the headphones (AKG K702) cost about $230 and are a wonderful way to listen.

Hal's picture

A set of headphones. From past experience I never thought of them as high-fidelity, except for the esoteric ones and I couldn't afford a pair of Stax. Then I took a leap of faith and bought a pair of Grado SR225i from the web because I needed a pair for late night use and the boards raved about them. What a revelation. True hi-fi at a decent price. I think I paid around $200. Best bargain I have ever had.

Leon, Rancho Mirage California's picture

An NAD 7020 receiver, a thrift store purchase for only $25.

Nathan's picture

Marantz CD5000 ~$200.

N's picture

Gainclone Kit—$150 altogether. There is simply no other product with a better value for money.

ThinkBrown's picture

How about free? My biggest freebie was a McIntosh MSD4. It runs my two-channel bedroom setup, and I love it.

Thong Nguyen's picture

Elrod Power Systems Statement power cord

Jared's picture

Musical Fidelity V-DAC @ $299. Best bang for the buck ever.

Hector Hugh Munro's picture

Second-hand, it was a Leak tuner for less than $40. New, it's a Beresford Caiman DAC for just over £200.

J.Rich's picture

Two things, actually: Zerodust stylus cleaner for $70, and the Mint LP Protractor for $120. Both seemed ridiculously overpriced for what they were at the time I bought them—but now that I have lived with them, I would gladly pay twice the price if I had to buy replacements!

JohnMichael's picture

My Graham Slee "Gram Amp 3" moving-coil phono preamp. Works well with my LOMC cartridge.

Chad H.'s picture

Audiosector gainclone kit.

craig's picture

This is a trick question, right? True happiness in the field of high-end means spending big bucks. That is why I disengaged a while back and just enjoy what I already have.

Larry AKA Poor Audiophile's picture

I paid $100 each for NHT Super Zeros. There were a close-out at a big box store—sweet! I later bought an NHT SW2P subwoofer from an installer to go with them. He wasn't actually a retailer. This (with the amp) was $600. I'm still enjoying all of them! BTW, great question!

Russell Finnemore's picture

Rotel RC 1070 preamp that cost US$700. I was eating my heart out because I couldn't afford a $5000 NZ one, but the Rotel was such an advance on what I had. It now drives Martin Logan Puritys without a hitch.

ABJ's picture

A better quality AC outlet, Shunyata's SR-Z1, $75. This improved my entire system.

Matt's picture

Jon Risch DIY sandbox for TT isolation (search at audioasylum). I used scrap lumber in the garage and bought a bag of washed playground sand. This $5 investment nicely tightened up the bass.

Bon Zini's picture

HeadRoom TotalBitHead—it still blows me away. $149 and good, wait, great, sound from my five-year-old laptop running Ubuntu and my AKG 701s. If I were a student, this would be all I wanted. Except maybe vinyl, and a record player, and...

Paul Burns's picture

$475, for a Ray Samuels Predator portable DAC/headphone amp.

Max's picture

$30 for 10' of DNM speaker cable. Best investment evar!

Chuckie Girmann, San Diego, CA's picture

Hands-down, the Acoustic Energy Aegis One speakers. $299 for the pair. Best investment I ever made.

Javier Chorda's picture

Headphones: Grado SR60.

Valere's picture

Apple Airport Express!

rhinobean's picture

Pro-Ject Debut II

Dismord's picture

Fake Persian rugs to hang on the wall to prevent slap echo.

Ned's picture

That's easy: the $200 I spent on a Tivoli Audio Model One. Some people may not be aware of it, but you can connect it to a preamp via its record output and get a very good stereo tuner. (Yes, it does output FM stereo!)

Giuseppe's picture

Bel Canto Dac3.5 VB and ref500M.

Oliver's picture

About $500 USD (price was in Swiss Francs) for a refurbished, second-hand headphone: a Jecklin Float Electrostat. One of the finest headphones ever built, in line with the best Stax-headphones. Original price almost 30 years ago: $2000 USD.