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How has new music been shaping up for 2010?

How has new music been shaping up for 2010?
As we wrap up another year in music, the record industry is still in turmoil. Yet artists still find ways to put out new albums. But how would you rate 2010 to previous years? How has new music been shaping up for 2010?

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Stephen Mejias's picture
Every year is better than the year before. I love that about life.
dobyblue's picture

Seeing a format that's not embroiled in a format war start to be supported with releases like the amazing 5.1 24/96 Blu-ray release of "Damn The Torpedoes" by Tom Petty with no dynamic range compression gives me hope that in the future we can have the option of buying a 24-bit version of an album that's mastered properly and those who want Loudness (or lack of dynamics) in their music can choose iPod or .mp3 downloads.

Let's continue to see dynamics make a comeback! Kudos to Tom Petty, Ryan Ulyate, Mike Campbell, Neil Young, The Pixies and all those who are supporting Blu-ray as an audio format.

soulful.terrain's picture

If you love jazz, it is getting better. More labels are appearing and demand is skyrocketing.

If you love classical, the remastering of old standards is great and people are falling in love again with the old masters.

If you love listening to the radio... you are bombarded with 'rap' and 'hip-hop' noise as if it is the only genre on earth.

All the more reason to turn the radio OFF and get yourself a home audio system...and subscribe to Stereophile. lol :)

superswede's picture

Can it get much worse? I purchased one new release for 2010 as compared to my normal 5-10 buys. Did purchase several re-releases of older material on vinyl. Where are the real new talents that don't rely on gimmicks or what they think is bling to cover up mediocre abilities? Maybe the world is going deaf or doesn't really care about true musical emotion and tune smithing. Still can't figure out why my vinyl recordings have more dynamic range than my CD's including SACD's.

dbowker's picture

Actually this year has been OK, maybe not as exciting as the year or so before, but then again I've been almost too busy to keep up. When I hear guys say it's "all been downhill" since 1977 I feel sorry for them.

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I have discovered internet radio!