When was the last time you listened to a vinyl record on your system?

When was the last time you listened to a vinyl record on your system?
40% (260 votes)
Within the last week
26% (170 votes)
Within the last two weeks
4% (27 votes)
Within the last month
3% (19 votes)
Within the last couple of months
3% (20 votes)
Months ago
3% (17 votes)
A year or more
16% (106 votes)
4% (28 votes)
Total votes: 647

Downloads are taking off and it has been 25 years since CD was launched, yet audiophile demand for turntables and vinyl continues unabated. When did you last spin a record?

Jorge's picture

at least one hour every morning! before going to the office. To start the day in a happy mood!

Tom Chung, Plano TX's picture

Well, I have about 1200 LPs (mostly Classical music) in my collection. If I spin three LPs every night, it will take me about one year to finish one round of my collection. Vinyl rules, and happy listening!!!

alan's picture

vinyl rules !!!

JM's picture

I have only LP's in my collection. I listen every day, sometimes from AM through late PM.

Martin Gabel's picture

My turntable is not working well right now, or I would be using it more frequently. I don't have a CD player. I listen to either vinyl or the tuner.

Jim Huffman's picture

It is still the best sounding source. I won't ever leave vinyl, my collection is too significant, and nothing else beats it

Pablo Roufogalis's picture

Now and forever!

Larry's picture

Will listen more often when I get the channel balance sorted out.

T.Ransfer's picture

Vinyl is coming back, baby! I'll be listening more and more as time goes on.

Otto Konrad's picture

I listen to vinyl at least as often as Compact Discs and SACDs.

Siegfried Duray-Bito's picture

It is notable that no one listened to 78s 18 years after the advent of the LP. The continued interest in LPs among music lovers adds credence to the nagging suspicion that there's something fundamentally wrong with the digital process.

R's picture

I can sit and listen to vinyl for hours. I can listen to cd's as background.

rcbashaw's picture

I have to admit it's been a few years. As a classical listener I've often thought that neither cd's or records did a very convincing job of creating the illusion of live music in my living room (on my system(s). Two years ago, I got rid of my records and haven't really looked back!

Eric Stern's picture

I still enjoy certain recordings which I own on vinyl and don't see a need to replace them with CD editions. As far as the sound quality goes, there is a difference in some aspects of the sound but its mostly about the music. Get it?

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Mike Mochizuki's picture

After listening to vinyl again, I feel that I was hoodwinked by the electronics industry into buying the inferior sounding CDs. Now I only buy vinyl records. Plan to upgrade my turntable soon.

Dan C's picture

I've got a Columbia two-eye promo of Art Tatum spinning as I write. I play at least one LP a day when I'm home.

Scott Aronian's picture

It's my preferred source and I continue to collect vinyl treasures from the past.

Jeff Bellin's picture

It's still my favorite format. I am finding that CDs can sound quite excellent nowadays. For example, the Clark Terry "One on One" on Chesky is quite superb in all aspects. However, if I'm listening to anything put out on both LP and CD, the LP is almost always better, particularly if it originally came out on LP. Sometimes, they'll put a 60 minute CD on 1 LP. Well, that'll never work well -- 30 minutes per side. On the other hand, something like Tom Petty's recent "Echo," which was put out on 2 LPs sounds superb. Peter Gabriel's "Us," also out on 2 LPs, is superb sounding as well.

Steve Zettel's picture

As a matter of fact, I probably play 10 LPs to every 1 CD! Analog is definitely my medium of choice.

J Teoh's picture

Since I sold off my Krell cd player 2 years ago, my main system plays only vinyl. Have even stopped buying cds. Only plays cds now on my dvd player at home or in the car. Vinyl rules in my home.

Mitch C.'s picture

I fell for the "perfect sound forever" advertising and sold most of my records in the mid '80s. I have since purchased a VPI turntable and a much nicer cartridge (Benz .09), and have added more vinyl to my collection. I love the sound of vinyl but admit that with SACD and Mark Levinson separates for CD playback I tend to listen more to digital. I do feel SACD beats vinyl in many ways, at least in my system.

skip clemmons.'s picture

Michael Fremer is my favorite columnist in Stereophile and now Listener, too. Jus bought a $10 vinyl rig to go with my 2 channel setup and my five year old 27" TV. No home theater here. I am a paid up subscriber with 10 years of S'phile back issues.

Philip Mishen's picture

Eventually vinyl will be replaced by a superior format. New technological developments have been rapidly approaching the levels of dynamic lushness associated with vinyl, minus all those quirky little factors that degredate performance. I honestly feel that vinyl will become some thing of a novelty in the next 10 years.

Dan Landen-Oklahoma's picture

Every so often I play some of the old vinyl. I'm really happy with the sound of analog and don't think much of my record collection will ever make it to digital. It's also been fun looking for records at thrift stores and garage sales! I've found some stuff that's just fantastic! I've also bid and won some out of print records on Ebay! It's great to be able to enjoy the smooth analog sound ever since I fixed up a Marantz 6170 with new audio cables and an Ortofon OM-20!

David Green's picture

Original American HENDRIX - Axis MONO (really, I'm not kidding), quite an LP, but it's only a loan. Well, i played it and another twenty or thirty for the evening. May the LP be as popular 18 years into the newest adopted format!

Erik Herdian's picture

I always enjoy to hear vinyl records, it very liquid and calm ....but I hate always to hear 'pop' sound comes out my system

Jim Cantwell's picture

A follow up question might be... When was the last time you bought an LP? I just dusted off a few LPs looking through the stuff I bought in the early 80s that did not make it to CD. I buy more laser disks that LPs at this point. (again, things that are not out on DVD if ever)

Hirsch Davis's picture

SACD is the first sonic threat to vinyl I've heard, but it's likely to be a niche product for the forseeable future (if it doesn't die out altogether in a format war)

Christoph Koelle's picture

Give Mikey more space!