Are there any artists (living or dead) that you go out of your way to avoid collecting?

The flipside to last week's question is hard to resist: Are there any artists (living or dead) that you go out of your way to avoid collecting?

Are there any artists (living or dead) that you go out of your way to avoid collecting?
But of course
76% (60 votes)
Maybe one
14% (11 votes)
None that I can think of
10% (8 votes)
Total votes: 79

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Setting aside the fact that I don't buy/collect any pop, rock, or folk music, there are a fair number of conductors and soloists whose performances seem, to me, willful and inappropriate. I would be surprised if any one of us liked everybody, even within the genres we enjoy.

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Billy Joel, Michael Bolton, Kenny G.

jan's picture

Any audiophile recording (boring).

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

Neil Young. Can't handle his voice.

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Never played a Bob Dylan album. His performance at Live Aid was dire. P.S. I do listen to Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell.

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I hesitate to even call them "artists," but Madonna, Britney Spears, and Jessica Simpson. This could be a very long list, but I think you get the idea. This isn't real music, it's engineered content bought for a performer and its mindless marketability.

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Kenny G

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Madonna or/and most mono-named artists of modern pop, although some of that old guy Prince's music is pretty good.

Jimmy's picture

Any hip-hop or rap artist. They lack creativity musically & the lyrics always sound the same. With the exception of the early pioneers of the genre, even 50 years from now I won't be collecting.

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Anything "gangsta rap": Eminem, Lady Gaga, rap period, John Tesh—and more.

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I like almost all music, eclectic. But there are numerous "artists" who I don't consider listenable. Too many to list, and I don't want to criticize anyone who is trying to make art. We all should do as much art as possible! I will, however, criticize generally those record producers spinning out formula pop "creations." That is not art and they are counterproductive to culture. Boycott them!'s picture

The queen of the coma, Diana Krall.

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Lawrence Welk and Mitch Miller.

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Anybody that would make you gasp in horror at their omission: the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton...

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In the "what do mean you can't listen to?!" category are Judy Collins and most music featuring the clarinet. In the "they're fine, but I don't see what all the fuss is all about" category are Mozart, Dylan, Randy Newman, Frank Zappa, and Johnny Cash.

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Any vocalist(s) who would headline a show at a casino or who is a mega-brand, meaning Cher, Streisand, Celine Dion, the "anything here" tenors, Manilow, Humperdink, Buble, Bocelli, Bieber, Madonna, and so on. But let's not forget to avoid John Cage's conceptual works, either.

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Michael Jackson, George Michael, anything top-40, hip-hop, rap, etc.

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Kiri Te Kanawa and I'm a New Zealander! I find her performances so unmusical and unimaginative, compared with her peers and I can't understand why so many people can be seduced by only a beautiful voice.

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Amy Grant, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, and Glenn Frey—now.

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Mark Knopfler, Diana Krall.

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Frank Sinatra. I know he's a great singer, but I simply can't stand his attitude.

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Bill Morrissey. Ugh, that voice. Chalk on the blackboard would be heaven in comparison.

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Manilow, Barry.

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Elvis Costello. Can you imagine waking up and seeing that lying next to you? That's what Diana Krall faces every morning.

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Fingernails on a blackboard, Kenny G. How can it be listed under jazz?

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Anything by Lady Gaga.

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ELO. Pretentious, overreaching crap.

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Kenny G. I avoid his dreck like the plague. It is sad to me that at least one generation will grow up thinking that his music is representative of the musical genre labeled "jazz."