When was the last time you listened to a vinyl record on your system?

When was the last time you listened to a vinyl record on your system?
40% (260 votes)
Within the last week
26% (170 votes)
Within the last two weeks
4% (27 votes)
Within the last month
3% (19 votes)
Within the last couple of months
3% (20 votes)
Months ago
3% (17 votes)
A year or more
16% (106 votes)
4% (28 votes)
Total votes: 647

Downloads are taking off and it has been 25 years since CD was launched, yet audiophile demand for turntables and vinyl continues unabated. When did you last spin a record?

young's picture

I did not listern CD for last 4 months

John Henry's picture

Even though it has been over 10 years since I spun a record on my system I still miss that analogue sound. The unavailability of current vinyl had forced me to change over to the "perfect CD sound" & I've never really been happy with it. The fact that this was forced upon us by the manufacturers really gets up me. Theres no way I,m going to be forced into abandoning my collection again.

Rich Maurin's picture

My only source right now.

Jim Germann's picture

I couldn't live without vinyl! Just listen to either of Patrice Barber's new ones on CD, then LP. The vinyl is just more real. This goes for ANYTHING else!

Andrew Wendelborn's picture

Every day!

Lars Igesund's picture

Bought a lp player recently, picked up lots of great music CHEAP! Yes, there

Chris O'Hagan's picture

Still my first choice format

brumby's picture

I only wish vinyl was easier and cheaper to come by

Mike Peshkin's picture

A day without vinyl is like a year without sex! (Unless, of course, the sex includes vinyl . . . "Hit me harder, dear!")

Roger Lawry's picture

Don't waste my time with the vastly inferior sound of digital.

Art's picture

There is NO vinyl demand!!! Noone that I know would listen to clicks/pops/noise and just bad sound from lp's. Glad to see that vinyl is DEAD...

Nick's picture

I probably listen to 10 records for every CD I play.

T.Howe's picture

I listen to Vinyl during almost every listening session; but usually a minimum of once per week.

Mike H.'s picture

We listen to records several times a week. My daughter dances to Marlene Dietrich's "La vie en rose", and my wife and I listen to Bob Dylan, Sergio Franchi, Frank Sinatra, ELLA SINGS JOBIM on Pablo Records, and Villa-Lobos on Everest. No remastering necessary.

Stephen W.'s picture

It is an old recording I cannot replace. Other than that I don't use vinyl any more.

Graeme Nattress's picture

When I'm in England, I listen primarily to vinyl, but when I'm in Canada, my vinyl doesn't travel with me . . .

Richard Hollis's picture

Listen to them allot since the local thrift store has a wide selection at >$1 each. Probably about 500 LP's in the collection, both new and used. Just wish the new ones were lower in price loke CD's.

roger b's picture

It's been awhile because I have been re-building my turn-table.

John C.'s picture

If you have at least 100 LP's that are in decent condition, why would you not have a TT? The cost to replace them, if even possible, with CD's is more than the cost of a fully enjoyable TT setup.

Richard Foster's picture

18 years after the introduction of the CD, 2 years after the introduction of SACD and other high performance digital mediums, Vinyl is still the musically involving playback medium.

Andrew Tan's picture

Fire anybody in your magazine who said that the first generation CD players sounded good.

Anonymous's picture

More reviews on vinyl/analog items.

P.  Hargis's picture

Vinyl power leads the way!!!!!!

Michael Crespo's picture

Vinyl is still what I listen to when I want to enjoy my session. Cd's are OK, but vinyl is still king. Thank God you have Fremer on board. He is the man.

Jeff's picture

I play vinyl every weekend.

Gary's picture

Why, is there any other high-end format to listen to?

Dake Ackley's picture

I'm probably in the minority of your subscribers, but frankly I think you need way more analog coverage. Do people really BUY all that high zoot digital gear you review? The reason I mention this is I've been wondering whether I should renew, and on the plus side it always comes down to one name: FREMER. I'm wondering if I should just send $11 bucks to Mikey directly. No offense, maybe I _am_ just a Luddite.

David Schwartz's picture

I listen to records every week!

alain efstratiou's picture

My cd player is being repaired (3 month old musical fidelity Mr Tellig) so all I have been left with is my 5000 LPs

Fear3000@aol.com's picture

There's absolutely no reason to stop enjoying a sonically superior format.