When was the last time you listened to a vinyl record on your system?

When was the last time you listened to a vinyl record on your system?
40% (260 votes)
Within the last week
26% (170 votes)
Within the last two weeks
4% (27 votes)
Within the last month
3% (19 votes)
Within the last couple of months
3% (20 votes)
Months ago
3% (17 votes)
A year or more
16% (106 votes)
4% (28 votes)
Total votes: 647

Downloads are taking off and it has been 25 years since CD was launched, yet audiophile demand for turntables and vinyl continues unabated. When did you last spin a record?

Ken C's picture

They take me back to my youth listening to my LPs from the '80s—lots of really good music, all kinds of music. I replaced an amp, CD player, and speakers, but only a belt & needle on my H-K Turnatable. Ah! Back to the glory Days!

David Hickman's picture

I purchased my VPI Aries 3 about four months ago,and I can't stop listening. My last turntable was a B&O through a Yamaha receiver.What a difference a good front end makes. I have made many upgrades,some of which in hindsight,I may have done differently. I have a Levinson 326S preamp with the phono modules,and I am on the fence about upgrading, as I really don't have a reference to compare it to. I wish John would install the modules in his 326S and give it a listen and compare it to some outboard phono stages. I did try the Moon that Michael Fremer raved about,but I don't think I gave it a long listen. I am not even sure I have run in my cartridge, interconnect,s & phono stage long enough to really judge. Keep up the excellent work, and please get the phono module for the Levinson because I would like to know what an expert pair of ears thinks.

James Gill's picture

Bearings gone on tonearm, main system has been pretty much dormant, listen to music through portable or walkman just for bbq'n and general listening. have yet to hear any digital front end to surpass analogue. cant wait to replace table. Vinyl still outperforms across the sonic stage and doesn't cause fatigue to hearing. Digital has a long way to go! if it ever gets there it will still be behind!

sammy's picture

Tweaking with an LP player is possible for most. With a CD player you're restricted unless you are competent with a soldering iron and know something more about electronics than average. The status implications of having a large ostentatious turntable on view counts as well as the joy of LP packaging. The downside is that far too many get into LP's for the first time without realizing the enormous effort and expense required to equal today's modest CD players. Downloading? Boring, boring, boring! ! !

perfect3rds's picture

I copied the last of my LPs to CD-R then to my computer and my iPod. (evil laugh).


Only vinyl every day and master high speed tapes.

A typical teenager's picture

Listen to a vinyl record? Ha! You old fools...

Dave Bennett's picture

Vinyl is still my preferred format for sound quality. I always listen to vinyl given the choice, listening to SACD or CD if I don't have the album on vinyl or if I'm in a hurry & don't have the time to take for vinyl.

Kevin's picture

Analog done even half decent beats CDs every time—a more liquid, realistic presentation

eric's picture

When I want to listen I choose vinyl. When the music is mostly for background, it's CD.

charles d.'s picture

Can't touch those original Blue Notes!

Grant's picture

I listen regularly. It's still my main source of music. If I only had time to listen to all my LPs! Now...if we could get the idiots in the music industry to realize that vinyl is here to stay and accommodate us....it will be around longer after CD and SACD are gone.

Mike Brown's picture

Vinyl is a headache but so, so worth it!

Hans's picture

All the content I want on vinyl is available cheaper on SACD.

Orrin Anderson's picture

Vinyl sounds fuller—if there is such a word.

jack.jones's picture

I love vinyl. It just sounds more lifelike than digital playback. While digital is getting closer, it still has a ways to go.

David McPherson's picture

It's just a shame that some of the vinyl reissues are such poor quality. As for the premium LPs, I struggle with $40+ each. Take me back, please take me back to sub $10 vinyl.

John Lyons's picture

I have a strict "vinyl only" musical policy.

Dr.  Mickey's picture

Listening to my mmf 7.1 right now. I haven't bought a CD in six years.

BILL CRANE's picture

I rarely listen to any of my hundreds of records, only when I want to hear something that has never appeared on CD. Assuming both are well mastered (the record and the CD), my MSB Power DAC will kill all vinyl in every sonic aspect.

C.  King, Thousand Oaks, CA's picture

A day without vinyl is a day without sunshine.

Jay Farrell's picture

I just sold my P3. For whatever reason, I don't enjoy it as much as I think I should. I only have around 100 albums, and most new vinyl is defective.

Martin's picture

Charge me $25, give me the vinyl and a CD... Although I loved the In Rainbows disc box, and thought it well worth the 80 bucks...it's a bit too posh for every day budget, and desired level of consumption. I'm thinking more like the Sonic Youth releases with a bargain CD thrown in for a little more.

Jerry's picture

I love vinyl, the depth and presentation that it brings, but am presently starting to record my vinyl to a PC Based music server, so my (non-technical) wife can enjoy the music when I am not available. My future purchases will begin to move more to downloads, but only if they are available in a high quality Loss-Less format.

Kirby Sharpe's picture

Downloads suck!

Todd Collins's picture

Records are healthier than digital. Getting up to flip or change a record gives me much more exercise than scanning through thousands of MP3s with a remote.)

FallenA's picture

Vinyl is my way to "Nirvana"!