When was the last time you listened to a vinyl record on your system?

When was the last time you listened to a vinyl record on your system?
40% (260 votes)
Within the last week
26% (170 votes)
Within the last two weeks
4% (27 votes)
Within the last month
3% (19 votes)
Within the last couple of months
3% (20 votes)
Months ago
3% (17 votes)
A year or more
16% (106 votes)
4% (28 votes)
Total votes: 647

Downloads are taking off and it has been 25 years since CD was launched, yet audiophile demand for turntables and vinyl continues unabated. When did you last spin a record?

Aaron B.'s picture

A needle in the groove beats a laser in the pits every time!

Stephen Curling's picture

no vinyl here...all digital!

Tim Baldwin's picture

Just upgraded from my ancient (23 yr old) table to an 8-yr old spring chicken ;-) Can't wait to hear it!

Harvey Shapiro's picture

I still don't own a CD player which sounds as good as my Linn Sondek LP-12.

Paul Brownlee's picture

I usually listen to records on a regular basis. To my ears the sound of vinyl is more natural than cd's.

colin seah's picture

My only source of music is vinyl.

Rich Crimi's picture

Just got Led III and IV in the mail. Oh yeah . . .

Michael Amster's picture

Have too much good software to ignore vinyl

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Keith Y's picture

I have a large cd collection, but I have been collecting LP's for years. I really feel that well recorded LP's sound better than many CD's. I enjoy my old collection and I also buy records on a regular bases. Vinyl is final!

Joe Kolb's picture

I own approx 600 cd's, 500 lp's & 200 vhs audio tapes. I listen to the cd's most due to convenience but still collect new/used lp's for the sound quality.

Steve Joyce's picture

I never tire of vinyl - it takes me away to another place. Don't get me wrong, CDs can also be fun, but when the listening is serious, it's the turntable that's doing the work.

Graeme Whyte's picture

It has taken 18 years for CD sound to get this good. Perhaps in another 18 years it will equal vinyl?

Richard Goldsmith's picture

Vinyl remains my preferred medium, because when things are good (ie good pressing in good condition), it sounds better to me than CD (even though my Rega 3 is quite humble). I'm also a romantic, and love the size of the discs, the covers, the ritual of cleaning and cueing up - not to mention the odd bargain find in Goodwill!

Frank Moore III's picture

I almost exclusively play vinyl both new and old(used).To paraphrase Mr. Heston...From my cold dead fingers...!

Postal Grunt's picture

The inconvienence of the rituals that precede playing a vinyl disc hold no particular charm for me. Getting the disc out of the protective sleeve, cleaning the stylus, cleaning the disc itself, and then finally lowering the stylus to vinyl may seem romantic to some but I can be three or four minutes into a CD instead if all I want to do is listen to some tunes. I still have a turntable and about 150 LPs, but they get little use unless there is something very unique that I just have to listen to or record. I want to listen to as much music as I can while I still have the hearing and opportunities to do so.

Mark Bryston's picture

Just finished, as a matter of fact. By the way what kinda question is this anyways? What else is there in the high end to listen to? Surely you dont mean to imply people really listen to those obsolete silver discs that where suppossed to be perfect sound forever that ended up just as they were introduced to us during demonstrations -- FRISBEES -- do you? NAHHH, didn't think so!

Jonathan S.  Oldham's picture

I havent played much vinyl in the last few months as I was deciding on buying a new table. I just ordered a VPI HW 19 jr W/RB-300 arm & Blue Point Special. Also ordered a VPI 16.5 record cleaning machine. LONG LIVE VINYL

Travis Whitmore's picture

After trading in my Linn LP12 (considered a great table) on a used VPI TNT III/JMW arm I questioned why I had even purchased the Sony SCD777ES (a darn good machine too)The TNT blew away everything I had heard in analog before. Many people (nonaudiophiles) that hear my system can't believe it is an LP and not a cd playing!

Christopher S.  Own's picture

5-10 discs a day!

Anonymous's picture

It's the only way to go for "serious" or music to get involved in. CD's are good only for convienant or wallpaper listening. It's the best!! (Haven't tried SACD, but I doubt I could build as extensive a library as I now enjoy with vinyl even if SACD is as good folks claim.)

m.  pranka's picture

so many records, so little time.

John H's picture

Records still sound better and I own far more of my favorite music on vinyl than on CD or SACD.

Bruce Righter's picture

Finally got a great NEW 'table--a Nottingham Spacedeck from England. Buying used and new vinyl, preferring it over CD. I ALWAYS read Fremer with interest!

Brad Kilby's picture

I feel sorry for those that don't know the difference.......but why would someone who's music has never been on record. This is one of the blessings that being older is good for.

Michael KRUG's picture

I use mine (almost every night! (record player of course)

Marc Bratton's picture

Vinyl can't be encrypted, SCMSed, or otherwise controlled by the computer vermin that are destroying this planet. Long live LPs!

John C.  Shaw's picture

Hardly a day passes that I don't fire up my Ref Phono and listen to some great music that cannot be had in Red Book CD format, or sounds like shit in that format. Must admit that SACD is pretty good, but still vinyl RULES!

Ger-jan Hofman, Holland's picture

I've been thinking about disbanding my (small) record collection for about that last five years. But every now and then I play a record that makes me postpone that action for another 6 months.

Kingsley Flint, Denmark's picture

We have a 22-year-old Sondek on its 3rd arm -- an Akito -- with an Ortofon Rohmann MC cartridge. It sounds great, but it's easy to leave a record turning and forget to press the stop button when you get used to the sheer convenience of CD! We will always play our remaining large vinyl collection, and will continue gradually upgrading the deck as it wears.