Technics SL-1000R and SP10R Direct Drive Turntables

Michael Fremer over at will eventually have more, including video, on this beauty, but here are some brief facts for Stereophile readers.

The pricier SL-1000R will cost around $20,000 and is capable of accommodating up to three arms as shown in the photo. It has a much larger plinth than the less expensive SP10R, which will go for approximately half price or $10,000. The bigger table also sports a built-in S-shaped tonearm (the SP10R has no arm).

Both tables have a separate outboard control unit and power supply that provides precise control of the motor and subsequent speed. Both tables also looked like they could sustain machine gun fire and were impeccably constructed.

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While I'm pleased to see Technics is completing their introductions of top of the line models, I find the description here to be confusing.

I assume the SL-1000R includes the plinth and a single tonearm for "around" $20,000. And the three-armed version shown would be significantly more.

Also, prior information I've read suggests the SP-10R at $10K will be a stand alone motor unit, not to included a smaller plinth than the SL-1000R.

Clarification would be appreciated.

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As has been the case with the Technics SP-10 series since it's launch almost 50 years ago, "SP" indicates a separate motor unit, while "SL" is a complete record player. So the SP-10R is the new motor/platter unit, while the SL-1000R is the same motor mounted in a plinth and with a tonearm. The SP-10R alone doesn't really have a plinth as such, and must be mounted in something that can accommodate a tonearm, either the factory plinth and arm, or aftermarket versions.

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Thanks shinri but that was not my question. I own a SP-10 Mk2 so I'm familiar with the model designations.

My confusion was over what exactly might be included for the $20K? Since Michael's post I've read elsewhere that clarifies the SL-1000R is comprised of the motor unit, power supply, plinth, and one tonearm.

However I remain unsure what he intended with reference to a "smaller plinth"?

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My understanding is that the SP10R motor is $10k, and the plinth with one arm is an additional $10k. I think Jon was just a bit confused, referring to the motor chassis as a “smaller plinth”.