On the Road to the 2017 CAF

That is me you see hanging out the car window like an old hound dog—ears flappin' in the slipstream—a big smile on my face. I am happy in the wind 'cause I am heading down to Rockville, Maryland to Capital Audio fest (starting today, November 3, and running though Sunday November 5) where I will see at least 60 fine audio rooms and I'll chatter on a panel about "The Virtues of Vintage" with old pals, Art Dudley, Joe Roberts, and Blackie Pagano. I'll be cruising the Rockville Hilton Hotel halls meeting new people and visiting the rooms of some old and (hopefully) some new friends. Tickets for entry are only $20 a day or $30 for the whole weekend.

Best of all, the gear won't be just for the hoi polloi. There'll be a smattering of smaller audio companies, lots of affordable stuff, plus some vintage and DIY. There'll be free parking, multiple seminars, presentations, CanMania, live music, whisky tasting, food, and tons of exotic gear to audition.

Capital Audio fest was the first show I ever covered for Stereophile and every year since, I feel warmly embraced and well-guided by show organizers Gary Gill and Christina Yuin—and so will you. Every year, the attendees seem like down-to-earth folks and eager for new experiences. The exhibitors are more relaxed, approachable, and gracious then at other shows. Every year, the vibe from opening bell to closing raffle always leaves my cheeks sore from grinning. You are invited!

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Geez, betcha lotsa folks would love to hear alllllllllllllll about that.

Lets hope they do a YouTube Video on it.

I'd love to hear what Blackie has to say.

Tony in Michigan