Rethm and Metronome: They Do Belong Together

Not only do Metronome electronics and Rethm loudspeakers seem inextricably bound together by a common musical cause (footnote 1), but they also make great sound. As we await notification of model numbers and prices, as well as other components and cabling in the chain, I recall the warmth and beauty with which this system conveyed soprano Elly Ameling’s radiant voice. Rethm’s single-driver loudspeakers didn’t plumb the lower reaches of the piano as do other loudspeakers with dedicated woofers and intelligent crossover and cabinet design, but the sound of the system’s mids and highs was superb.

Footnote 1: This is my admittedly feeble attempt at a pun. Rethm, as in rhythm, and metronome, as in keeping time. Get it? Pathetic? Perhaps we all need to don Leland Leard’s red glasses and take a shot of something or other.

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Having heard these a couple of times the reason I like them is the woofer on the bottom of the speaker, it fills in what the single driver isn't producing and offers a bigger sound.

I have heard decent bass on this speaker, maybe the music you were listening to?

Music makes a big difference, on what I heard I say, sweet mids and highs accurate bass with an interesting musicality, nice job!

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That is strange and expensive, if not as ugly as the Cabasse spherical/cyclops models.