Pro-Ject 175 Anniversary Turntable

Since they are based in Vienna, Austria, Pro-Ject decided to commemorate the Vienna Philharmonic's 175th birthday by creating a bespoke limited edition (175 units made of course) turntable, priced around $8,000-9,000.

"Everything you see on this turntable is made out of material used to make the instruments in the orchestra," notes Pro-Ject president Heinz Lichtenegger. The tonearm lift connected to the headshell is an actual "key" from a clarinet, the control buttons are real flute parts and the turntable plinth is made of the same brass used for trumpets. And of course the wooden case is made with the same material and varnish sourced for violin manufacturing.

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... a Frank McIntosh C22 preamp, a Gordon Gow MC275 power amp and a pair of B&W John Bowers Silver Signature speakers.

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It is about sold out which is too bad. I wonder if it favors classical music or is equally good with rock, blues, etc. The cartridge is also made only for this turntable by Ortofon, I believe. They had one at CES and the wooden box it came in is quite stylish as well.