PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP integrated amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Digital Source: Ayre Acoustics CX-7eMP CD player.
Preamplifier: Convergent Audio Technology SL-1 Renaissance.
Power Amplifier: McIntosh Labs MC275LE.
Integrated Amplifier: PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium.
Loudspeakers: Focal Aria 936.
Headphones: Grado SR125.
Cables: Interconnect, speaker, AC: Nordost Valhalla 2.
Accessories: PS Audio PerfectWave Power Plant 5, Nordost Sort Kone TC, Furutech RD-2 CD demagnetizer.—Robert Deutsch

Durob Audio BV
US distributor: PrimaLuna USA
1042 N. Mountain Avenue, #B, PMB406
Upland, CA 91786
(909) 931-0219

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I just picked up one of these HP's and it is astounding. Unbelievable how much I love it, and beautiful to just look at.

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Mine is a couple of months old and broken in. I have heard plenty of big buck amps/systems and the HP delivers a surprising amount of performance for the money.
If you like the EL34 sound, consider the GL KT77. A subtle bit more of the nice mids/highs along with increased bass definition. Also seems to react well to a decent power cord.

If I ever get the bug for that extra bit of performance, I will get the Dialogue Premium preamp. And If I see a used HP a few years from now at a great price, bridge it for a mono setup?

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I am totally digging mine. Built like a brick shithouse!

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I am using a couple of Pangea's on some source components but would love to pick up one for the HP.

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The Pangea cords get great reviews relative to their cost. And that's excluding the cheesy testimonials in the catalogs. The new AC9 with the Cardas wire may be a good buy?
Only by way of convenience, did I find the dubious Mapleshade power cord an improvement to the already fine HP.
Easily noticeable change in more realistic sounding bass and "the veil" lifted over the entire sonic spectrum. Even the S.O. noticed. If she can tell, then I'm on to something. This was the finding after also trying a Signal Cable(Magic Power Cord)budget model. I didn't notice any difference from the stock factory cord.
A recent call to Mapleshade confirmed it is no longer available only because of a new model coming out soon. I just may check it out.
The power cord came with a modded CD deck purchased years ago. Because of its fragile nature,I replaced it WITH a Pangea AC14SE and did notice a subtle downgrade in overall sonics. Since my primary source is a table, I left it there.
As with ANY cable, YMMV

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I just went and swapped out the stock power cable on my PrimaLuna HP with a Pangea AC14SE (running from the HP straight to the power outlet on the wall) that I was using on my OPPO BDP-95. Will fire it up shortly here and am curious if I will notice a difference.

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Is the HP significantly better sounding? I am looking to purchase and hook up with Goldenear Triton Twos or Threes. Add Rega RP6 w/exact cart and Oppo BDP-105. Any ideas on int amp - speaker combos?? Trying my absolute best not to go over $10k ;-)