One by One: the Cantus Recording Project Who Was Who, What Was What

Sidebar 2: Who Was Who, What Was What

Production: Cantus
Executive Producer: Erick Lichte
Engineering, Editing, Mastering: John Atkinson
Recording Venue: The Concert Hall at Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota
Recording Dates: March 19-22, 2001
Microphones: two Neumann M147 cardioids as ORTF pair, two B&K 4006 omnis as spaced pair
Mike Preamps: Millennia Media HV3B
A/D Converters: dCS 904 (master, cardioids) at 24 bits/44.1kHz; internal Nagra-D ADC at 20 bits/44.1kHz (slave, omnis)
Recorder: Nagra-D 4-channel, open-reel digital
Tape: BASF/Emtec 931
Analog cables: 75' balanced Cardas 300 (cardioids), 75' balanced Beyerdynamic (omnis), 1m AudioQuest Lapis
Digital Cables: AudioQuest Digital 2 AES/EBU
Monitoring (sessions): Stax Lambda Pro/Sennheiser HD580/Sony MDR-7506 headphones, Dorrough AES/EBU level meter, Perpetual Technologies P-3A D/A processor, HeadRoom Max headphone amplifier
Monitoring (editing/mixing): Dorrough AES/EBU level meter, AEA Phase Scope, Meridian DSP8000 digital active loudspeakers; Revel Performa M20 and Ultima Studio loudspeakers, driven by Mark Levinson No.30.6 D/A processor and No.380S preamplifier, and Krell KSA-50 and Mark Levinson No.33H amplifiers; Sennheiser HD 600 headphones driven by HeadRoom Cosmic headphone amplifier
Editing & Mastering: Sonic Solutions Sonic System 5.2 running on Macintosh 8100/80
Equalization & 24-16 digital word-length reduction: Z-Systems rdp-1 with POW-R algorithm