One by One: the Cantus Recording Project Cantus Details

Sidebar 1: Cantus: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Cantus is: Brian Arreola, Michael Hanawalt, Curt Hopmann, Albert Jordan, Lawrence Wiliford, Peter Zvanovec, tenors; Adam Reinwald, Paul Wilson, baritones; Kelvin Chan, Erick Lichte, bass-baritones; Alan Dunbar, Timothy Takach, second basses; with Dave Hagedorn, marimba.

[1] "Let Your Voice Be Heard," Abraham Adzenyeh, Talking Drum Music
[2] "Dravidian Dithyramb," Victor Paranjoti, transcribed by Donald Patriquin, Earthsongs Music Publishers
[3] "El Yivneh Hagalil," trad. Hebrew, arr. by Peter Sozio, Boston Music Company
[4] "Nukupianguq," trad. Inuit, arr. by Stephen Hatfield, Boosey & Hawkes
[5] "Dúlumán," Michael McGlynn, Warner Music/Chappell
[6] Songs from Matengo Folktales, arr. by Peter Hamlin from trad. tunes and texts recorded by Joseph Mbele; commissioned by Cantus, ms.
[7] "Mata del Anima Sola," Antonio Estévez, Earthsongs Music Publishers
[8] "What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor?," trad. English, arr. by Alice Parker and Robert Shaw, Lawson-Gould Music Publishers
[9] "K'ang Ting Love Song," trad. Chinese, arr. by Jameson Marvin, Lawson-Gould Music Publishers
[10] "Shen Khar Venakhi," 13th-century Georgian wedding song, harmonized by Zakhary Paliashvili, Earthsongs Music Publishers
[11] "She Moved Through the Fair," trad. Irish, arr. by Timothy C. Takach, Neil A. Kjos Music Company
[12] "Domaredansen," Otto Olsson, Carl Gehrmans Musikfölag
[13] "Loch Lomond," trad. Scottish, arr. by Michael Hanawalt, Neil A. Kjos Music Company
[14] "Danny Boy," trad. Irish, arr. by Erick Lichte, Neil A. Kjos Music Company
[15] "Shenandoah," trad. American, arr. by James Erb, Lawson-Gould Music Publishers
[16] "Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder," trad. American, arr. by Robert De Cormier, Lawson-Gould Music Publishers
[17] "Were You There?" trad. American, arr. by Robert Scholz, Morning Star Music Publishers
[18] "One by One," Lebo M., Hal Leonard Music
[19] "Let Your Voice be Heard" (Reprise)

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