Nola Concert Grand Reference Gold 2 Speakers, VAC Statement 450S IQ Amplifier, Audio Research REF CD8 CD Player, Nordost Odin 2 Cabling

Do VAC tube components possess chameleon-like powers? That's the question I've begun to ask: Each time I encounter their components in different settings, I hear radically different sound. Here, from a system including Nola's towering new Concert Grand Reference Gold 2 loudspeakers ($250,000/pair), an Audio Research REF CD8 CD player, Nordost Odin 2 cabling, and VAC's Statement 450S IQ amplifier ($63,000), Master line stage ($28,000), and VAC DAC MK II ($12,000), the sound was midrange preponderant—not at all what I expected to hear from either VAC electronics or a 275lb open-baffle line-source array design with a claimed frequency range of 18Hz–100kHz, 91dB sensitivity, and 8 ohm impedance. I think the room was simply too shallow in depth, with seats too close, for these speakers to strut their stuff.

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Always nit picking, unless it is Wilson, of course...

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Self-moderated removal

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If you considered for a moment the interaction between an amplifier with a relativity high output impedance (typical of most tube amps) and the non-linear input impedance of most speakers and the resultant variations it causes upon the system's frequency response, you wouldn't even need to ask the question.

A different speaker with a different impedance characteristic will result in a different overall frequency response - hence the "chameleon-like" effect, which is being attributed erroneously to the amplifier itself. Likewise, if you try the same speaker with a different amplifier with a significantly different output impedance.

As an example of the effect, see Figure 1:

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'They made too many wrong mistakes matching all those different components' :-) ........

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We don't know what the measurements are for this particular VAC amp, but Stereophile reviewed VAC Avatar integrated-amp before, which shows high output impedance ........ So, very little, if any, damping factor ....... These Nola speakers have multiple different drivers and most likely will present a complex load for the partnering amp ........ They could have chosen Audio Research reference amps, which usually have lower output impedance (for a tube amp), and hence better damping factor :-) ........

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Wagner would be disappointed to hear his 'Ride of the Valkyries', on this system :-) ........

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Also, Mussorgsky would be disappointed to hear the 'Night on the Bare Mountain' on this system :-) .......