Krell Illusion II preamp and Duo 300 XD amplifier, VPI HW-40 turntable, Audio Technica Art 1000 cartridge, Alta Audio Alec loudspeakers, and ZenSati Zorro cabling

Krell’s immensely energetic Walter Schofield was in the middle of a system description when I entered the room, so I didn't know exactly what I was hearing, but whatever it was, the fact that I’d just submitted my review of the Krell K-300i integrated before boarding a plane for Denver left me very eager to hear it.

Dean Martin’s voice, on LP, sounded drop dead gorgeous. The sound was open and inviting, with just a tip of bright edge on top. (It's OK; I’ve got a bright edge in my own system.) I could hear every overdone portamento, every little extra bubble of sentiment-laden vibrato. But as gorgeous as the sound was, I also knew that the plush midrange of Martin’s voice, like the warm core of Ella Fitzgerald’s instrument, rarely fails to show off a system to best advantage. I needed another sample.

On another track, James Taylor’s “Her Town Too,” there was no fall-off in transparency or pleasure. Once again, the sound was open and revealing, with every bit of post-production reverb exposed. I just loved listening to this system.

As I learned after listening, components included the Krell Illusion II preamp ($7700) and Duo 300 XD amplifier ($10,500), VPI's 40th anniversary HW-40 turntable with Fatboy Gimbal 3-D printed tonearm ($15,000) and Audio Technica Art 1000 cartridge ($5000), the brand new Alta Audio Alec loudspeakers ($10,000/pair [Apparently this is still being discussed. The most reliable-seeming info we received: "TBD, but no more than $10,000/pair"—Ed.]), and ZenSati Zorro cabling.

After the demo, Alta’s Michael Levy told me that the speaker’s 93dB sensitivity is more than 3dB better than its predecessor’s. Among its features are a 10.5’ transmission line, a tuned port, and a retuned cabinet with most of the padding removed. “The speaker’s tuning was based on feedback from a beta test group that included people who work with live sound,” Levy said. “It took over two years to perfect.”

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JVS, let Jim Austin review the Krell Duo 300-XD with the Revel Salon2 ........ It is Jim Austin's turn now :-) ........