Børresen 01 monitor loudspeakers, Aavik U-380 integrated amplifier, Naim CD5XS (as transport), D-TC Supreme Power Box and Power Distribution, Ansuz DTC Supreme cables

The all-one-family of Børresen loudspeakers, Aavik electronics, and Ansuz cabling, distributed by Gated HiFi and displayed by Chicago dealer NextLevel HiFi, was having a really rough time of it until their new Aavik U-380 integrated amplifier ($39,000) showed up. It was several days late. RMAF had been chosen for its Global Debut, so everyone was on pins and needles until the arrival of this 300-watt-into-8-ohms, class-D baby, which includes separate DACs for PCM and DSD, four clocks and four power supplies, separate volume controls for each input, and optional dual phono stages claimed to have “the lowest noise floor on the planet.”

The Aavik U-380 was paired with a Naim CD5XS ($3995) used solely as a transport, Børresen 01 loudspeakers with D-TC Supreme Resonance Control ($32,500), D-TC Supreme Power Box ($14,400) and Supreme Power Distribution ($38,000), and Ansuz DTC Supreme cabling. Because of the room, the system’s strong and uniquely textured midrange came through stronger than ever. I enjoyed “Kiss the Cloud” from Yello’s Toy, especially because the system/room interaction minimized the recording’s zingy leading edge. I enjoyed just as much the unique cast the system gave to Sophie Zelmani’s “All About You.”

I’m dying to learn exactly how each of this system’s components contributes to its unique sonic signature.

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A component with "the lowest noise floor on the planet", certainly deserves a review and measurements by Stereophile :-) ..........

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... at $32.5K really use electrolytic capacitors in the crossover?
Do they use the same industrial designer as Raidho?

How does one adjust inter-channel balance on the Aavik U-380 integrated amplifier?

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... used to be the main guy at Raidho, hence the family resemblance.