Nice Job, Aperion

Mike Hopkins of Aperion Audio has reason to smile. The Aperion Verus Grand ($1798/pair), a three-way tower loudspeaker with a frequency response of 45Hz–22kHz, 6 ohms impedance, and 92dB sensitivity, was being fed by a Marantz SA 1153 SACD player and PM 1153 integrated amplifier via Straight Wire cabling, and delivering a very nice, complete presentation of Belinda Carlisle's cover of "Hallelujah."

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I dont recall the Verus line having a rosewood like finish available. Is that a new option?

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... designed to look like exotic wood. Nice look in a chinese kind of way.

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it is a real wood veneer, guess you probably didn't see it in person. (FYI - full disclosure, I'm Ed at Aperion Audio)

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Sure looks like African Macassar to me. Looks nice. 

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Hi, this is Ed at Aperion - @skeeter99, good eyes, even from a photo - you're absolutely right, this is an Ebony wood veneer with several layers of hand polished high-gloss lacquer.  We showed a couple of our new custom finishes for the Verus Grand line at RMAF, there was also a pair of bookshelves in Birdseye Maple for contrast!  Visitors at the show voted on our available custom woods to narrow what we will offer to about six.  We'll announce those soon.  The standard finishes for Verus are real wood high-gloss Cherry and Gloss Piano Black, all hand crafted. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Cheers.

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I guess I will hold off on purchasing anything then!

I always like the dark red finishes on speakers.