New Speakers from GoldenEar Technology

I reviewed the GoldenEar Technology Triton 5 ($1998/pair) in November 2015. Obviously, I know how they sound (I really liked them) and I know also how I wished they sounded (ie, a little more punch and sparkle). Well, GoldenEar was showing two new models at CES: the Triton 3+ ($2500/pair) and the larger Triton 2+ ($3500/pair).

Unlike the passive Triton 5 that I studied, both new GoldenEar loudspeakers have powered low-frequency drivers. The Triton 2+ and 3+ models both have new bass-mid drivers, new balanced crossovers, new bass tuning, and "new Triton 1 voicing!" Moreover, surely, because of all these changes, the Triton 3+ and 2+ have the exact right amount of punch and sparkle.

The smaller Triton 3+s were driven perfectly well by Rogue Audio's splendid "Cronus Magnum"—a 90Wpc tube (KT120) amp that costs only $2495. The larger, Triton 2+ model was powered by the 100W, class-A, Pass Labs XA100.8 monoblocks ($19,300/pair).

Both models could move and handle like European race cars. Compared to the Triton 5, the 2+ and 3+ played faster—with greater detail, presence, and agility. They shed more light on the music. They did jump and jive better than the 5. While still possessing the signature GoldenEar sound (fast and smooth and just-right lively), the Triton 2+ subjectively felt stronger, bigger, and faster and less darkly lit than either the 5 or the 3+. Two impressive new high-end loudspeakers at a very comfortable price.