New from PMC and Rega

PMC’s Fact.12 loudspeaker ($19,500/pair), the English company’s new reference 3-way floorstander, includes two 6” coated aluminum-cone woofers, a 2” hand-built soft-dome midrange, and 0.75” soft-dome SONOMEX tweeter co-developed with SEAS. With a somewhat low 84dB sensitivity and 8 ohm impedance, the speaker claims a 26Hz–30kHz frequency response. Paired with four new Rega components—the Rega Elicit-R 105Wpc integrated amplifier ($2995), Saturn-R DAC + CD transport ($2995), RP8 turntable with Apheta MC cartridge ($3995 w./cartridge), and Aria MC/MM phonostage ($1495)—the system sounded quite solid playing Kraftwerk's “Autobahn.” It should be noted that Kraftwerk uses PMC monitors when it records. Also of interest: Since PMC expanded from the pro into the consumer market 13 years ago, its consumer division has grown to account for 70% of sales.

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I have always been interested in large midrange domes since I had a pair of Infinity Kappa 9's some time back (which was a hell of a speaker).  It seems only ATC, PMC and a few other do it now... I honestly wonder why this went away?  

Would love to have heard this setup though, especially with those new devilish looking Rega components.