Roksan UK Rocks with Fine Art

Artist Jay Paul Apodaca and his lovely wife, Houda Alaoua Apodaca, were rocking out with Roksan UK’s Oxygene touch-sensitive, Bluetooth-equipped integrated amp ($7000) at the world premiere of its limited edition Jay Paul Apodaca incarnation. As the story goes, Roksan’s owner, Tufan Hashemi, visited Jay Paul’s store in Detroit and began collecting his art. Eventually he decided to commission Jay Paul to make 12 original paintings that he could reproduce on the front of the Oxygene. Mated with Roksan’s Darius S1 loudspeaker, the artwork and system livened up the Marriott’s Tower like few other systems I heard.

volvic's picture

Have always coveted a Xerxes .20plus but the restricted dealer network and high prices for spare parts have always kept me away.  Nice to see this Oxygene line looking so beautiful, wishing them nothing but success !!!   


PS - Great coverage again JVS and Stereophile crew.