Monitor Audio's Platinum Series II

With two years in research and development, Monitor Audio's Platinum Series II involves—according to Dean Hartley, Monitor Audio's Technical Director—"advances in every area of design: electrical, mechanical, magnetic, acoustic and aesthetic." When I reviewed the original Platinum Series PL200 in 2010, I liked it a lot. When I first heard that Monitor Audio had an upgrade of the Platinum series, I made a note to myself in my CES planning to be sure to visit the Monitor Audio room and listen to the new speakers.

I was not disappointed. Allowing for different listening environments, differences in associated equipment, not to mention memory, listening to the new PL200 ($11,495/pair) made me think that Monitor Audio has indeed taken a major step toward the ever-elusive impression of "live" sound.

Allen Fant's picture

Are these speakers worth approximately $12K- RD ?