The Magico Q1

Magico's Alon Wolf shows off his new Q1 stand-mounted speaker ($24,950/pair), which marries the beryllium-dome tweeter from the Q3 and Q5 floorstanders with a 7" Nano-Tec–cone woofer. The sealed, hard-anodized aluminum enclosure is braced and damped to minimize resonances. Despite its relatively diminutive size—it measures 14.2" H by 9" W by 14.2" D—the Q1 weighs 60 lbs.

Driven in Chicago retailer Musical Artisans' room by by BAlabo amplification, a Zanden phono stage, a Clearaudio turntable, and a Bottlehead-modded Nagra open-reel deck to play Tape Project tapes, the Q1s produced a full-range sound that flattered female vocals without sounding mellow or lacking in transparency.

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SUIT!!! I guess when you succeed at selling ultra expensive speakers, you can rest in sartorial splendor. 

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I have heard Magico's in the past and I will admit that they are some marvellous sounding speakers, and thats putting it mildly, but 25 Grand for a pair of two-way monitors??

Do you really get that much bang for the buck?

I'm sorry. As much I like Magico loudspeakers, I don't see 25 Grand in these.

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The Q1 fills an interesting niche in the market place: people who want to spend a lot of money on speakers but don't want anything big in their lounges.

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What do they cost per pound $500?