TAD's Compact Reference. . .

. . . stand-mounted speaker is hardly compact but it is a reference. TAD's Andrew Jones was showing off the speaker, which combines a hi-tech coaxial tweeter/midrange array with a port-loaded, high-excursion woofer, with all-TAD electronics, including an asynchronous USB DAC and 600W-into-4 ohms solid-state monoblocks. What did I think of the sound? Well, for that all I will say is that it echoed what I will be writing in my January 2012 review.

On passive show were TAD's new entry-level E1 floorstanding speaker. Scheduled to cost $27,000/pair, the E1 uses a beryllium-dome tweeter and is a more refined development of the Pioneer S1-EX that so impressed Kal Rubinson a few years ago.

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I very much look forward to your Jan review of TAD CR-1s, because, personally, I think these are the finest speakers I've ever heard. They completely blew me away with how good they were. Gobsmacked, as the Brits say. surprise  In fact, I've never heard anything like them, except the big TADs, of course. I was there with a friend while Chris Connaker was serving up digital files, and we both looked at each other in astonishment when the music came up. 

Will be most interested to hear what you think...


Stephen Scharf