Madisound in the Raw

Scores of DIYers are familiar with Madisound, a company that distributes raw drivers, passive crossover parts, and speaker building supplies, some in kit form. On display were the SEAS of Norway A26 loudspeaker kit with a 10" SEAS A26RE4 woofer and the T35C002 1.5" dome tweeter—over 1 million sold, I was told—and the Scan-Speak Nada, with a 7" Illuminator woofer and 1" Beryllium dome tweeter.

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We finally get to the "meat and potatoes" of REAL audio components that are affordable and you give them a simple short paragraph?  For shame. No listening impressions at all?  THIS is what's wrong with Stereophile. Ignoring the affordable and spending way too much time on over priced items. Get real.

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Jason, the over 1 million sold comment refers to the original Dynaco A25 loudspeaker on which the A26 kit is closely based. Nobody has purchased the A26 yet because RMAF was the official debut of the product.

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Here is an opportunity for Stereophile to review a kit from Madisound, the A26 "Dynaclone", which is simple to build, has only two cross-over parts and represents excellent value for money in my humble opinion. It would seem that this opportunity is hopelessly squandered. I've been building my own for 30 years, have heard much, both commercial and DIY, and I believe this is a product that could be extremely rewarding for those who make their first DIY attempt as well as to those, such as myself, who have some experience. I urge Stereophile, fruitless as that may prove, to give this product the attention it deserves. Look at the pedigree! Which, by the way, is where the 1.000.000 comes in. I have no commercial interest in this, I'm not a retailer nor am I connected to a retailer.  I simply enjoy all musical experiences, especially the reasonably affordable ones. The A26 kit will deliver just that.