Krell Cipher SACD/CD player Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Source: Krell Evolution 505 SACD/CD player, Ayre Acoustics DX-5 universal player.
Phono Preamplifier: Nagra BPS (battery powered).
Integrated Amplifiers: Simaudio Moon Evolution 700i, Krell FBI.
Loudspeakers: Revel Ultima Studio 2.
Cables: Nirvana interconnects and speaker cables, Nordost CAST.
Accessories: Bybee Technologies Signature Model Power Purifier, Black Diamond Racing Mk.IV Cones, VPI HW-19 record-cleaning machine.—Fred Kaplan

Krell Industries
45 Connair Road
Orange, CT 06477-3650
(203) 298-4000

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Nothing Ayre makes sounds as good for CD or SACD playback as the $1000 OPPO BDP-95; I have both the OPPO and the Ayre C5xe/MP.

From now on, the BDP-95 should be used as a direct comparison to any player you test that costs over $800. It should be your standard for comparison.

If you don't, you are just wasting your time...and everyone else's.

IMO all of the players for over $1000 have been made pretty much obsolete and irrelevant by the BDP-95. What an amazing unit for the money.


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Krell has always made some of the most gorgeous gear ever and when it comes to performance, Krell has always performed flawlessly.

I do agree with the prior poster about the Oppo. Oppo has made it tough on the audacious audio. They have a great product that is by no means a slouch.

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Oppo has made it tough on the audacious audio. They have a great product that is by no means a slouch.

We have received another sample of the Oppo BDP-95 that I am taking round to Fred on Tuesday for him to compare with the Krell and write a follow-up.

John Atkinson

Editor, Stereophile

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Thanks John. I appreciate it and look forward to it.


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I was auditioning some amps yesterday, using the Cipher to play CD's. I was appalled and frustrated at the time it took for the Krell to read the discs. What is so difficult about reading a CD that it should take more than a couple of seconds? There is no excuse for this sort of performance from a product as this price point.

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I can't get around the seemingly arrogant actions by Krell to suggest nothing was amiss with the unit and only sending a different one at the reviewer's request/insistence. Imagine how this may have played out for a paying customer that experienced the same issue(s). I'll continue enjoying my current source (bel canto PL-1) until something much more compelling (to me) comes along!!

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The reviewers issues with the CDP would sum up modern Krell. And how do you think us 'regular folk' get along with unreliable equipment warranty/claims when even review samples fail to work properly.

I have a dead 505, and recently have had my KPS-28c repaired (for the second time). Built like a tank and reliablility may apply to Krell amps, but their CDPs appear to be trouble. And how are the SACD Standard owners faring? 

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Just bought the Krell s350 CD player. Thought it was good value coming from Krell.. Alas, how wrong I was. Some CDs cannot load, or plays a few second then stopped. Contacted Krell and yet to receive reply and doubt they will do so. Pity I didn't read the Cipher review with the same problem. Now I just live with it..... sad.  Was told there are bound to have some discs cannot be read. But these play well on my cheaper Marantz 6004 on Stax headphones. Anyone has some solution?

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To be more objective, the sound from the s350a coupled with the S300i amp is surprisingly good. Sound staging is excellent with a lot of ambience from my Apogees Centaur Major and plays effortlessly. Only disappointed cannot play some UltraHD CDs or some silver discs. Where it could, the sound quality was truly mind boggling ! Listen o Autumn in Seattle 32 bit CD and you can see the transients and wide staging of the piano. Wished I could get some support from Krell though.