KingSound Excels

Ever since encountering KingSound electrostatic loudspeakers at an audio show several years ago, I’ve looked forward to seeing how their line would develop. This time around, KingSound was showing its King III Full Range ESL ($12,000/pair). Driven by Bob Carver Cherry tube monoblock amplifiers ($7400/pair), Purity Audio Design Statement 2 preamplifier (approx. $12,500), and an AMR CD777 ($12,000), all hooked together by Kaplan Cables from John Atkinson’s adopted hometown of Brooklyn, the system was a joy to listen to on Chet Atkins’ recording of “Mr. Sandman.”

No one knew whose period-instrument rendition of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 was playing next, but I thought the sound warm, lovely, and delicious. Despite some weakness in the lower line of instruments, the color of the higher violins was spot on.

Apologies if names and prices are slightly off. Shall I tell you how many exhibitors at RMAF had neither equipment sheet handouts nor correct reference information for their products on hand?

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Weakness in the "lower line of instruments"???

I am dumbfounded about what to say about that, negative for the sake of negativity?

Maybe it was the "lower" Flux Capacitor or the "lower" jibberitz syndrome?

At $12K these speakers are a better buy and should be heard.

Huge soundstage tall wide and yet focused, plus one important thing Mr Serinus left out, they have bass!