Kimber Kable's New USB Cables

The Kimber Select line is sporting three new USB cables, whose prices are yet TBD: copper (approx. $500), hybrid (approx. $1000), and full silver (approx. $1500). Shipment is projected for late January. The cables, built entirely in Utah, feature a braided design, unique proprietary shielding, and a distinct ebony head shell chosen for its inert properties. Presumably, thoughts of the lovely sounds soon to be delivered by these new cables were enough to leave Kimber's photo-shy Nate Mansfeld smiling.

earwaxxer's picture

Give us a break - who is going to get excited about a $1K digital cable. I would rather put that into a worthy USB interface that makes the cable a non issue! You say I dream? Take a look around. We are in the midst of such kit.

LA mitchell's picture

Even though I do appreciate good cables, Earwaxxer makes a good point. Everyday the dacs get better and better and better....