iFi Nano Series

Also new from iFi Audio is the first of their Nano-series products, the lithium-battery-powered iDSD Nano ($189), a 24/384 DAC that offers DSD processing in a remarkably tiny package. Contrary to the evidence on Darren Censullo's finger, it does not bite.

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Be curious to hear some opinions on this little powerhouse. I have one, and will say, its a bit 'quirky', but that kind of goes with the whole computer audio thing anyway. One thing I can say is I love the sound.

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Does it work with Windows driver defaults, or does it require a special driver?

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You have to download the driver - as with pretty much any DAC with windows...

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The reason I asked is because nearly all the DACs I've had install with default drivers.

Audioengine D1 and D3.


Headstreamer and Microstreamer.

V-moda Verza.

The only ones that required drivers (massive installs BTW) were the ALO Island and the Miniwatt, and those were very non-mainstream devices.