Audio Snow!

There is a long-standing tradition of a snowfall in Montreal during or just after the show; in fact, several people at SSI 2014 joked with me about whether there would be some "audio snow" this time. For a while, it looked like this year would be an exception—and then the snow came down Sunday morning, blanketing the city. It stopped around noon, but left the streets covered, turning into slush.

My original plan was to walk down to Old Montreal in the afternoon, taking pictures, etc., but the weather was too nasty for that. So I ended up staying at the show until closing time, and this gave me a chance to re-visit some rooms, and to take up Peter McGrath's invitation to listen to a live recording of La Traviata, featuring the young Mexican soprano, Maria Alejandres. She sounded wonderful through the Wilson Sasha II/Dan D'Agostino system.