Highend-Electronics, Inc. Shines with Voxativ

If only every exhibitor was like Highend-Electronics, who not only prepare one of the finest equipment lists I've ever received at a show, but also generated extremely impressive, solid, warm and inviting sound. "A cut above the rest" I wrote in my notes of a system in which the ultra-efficient, single-driver Voxativ Ampeggio Signature loudspeaker ($32,500/pair) was driven by a Highend-Electronics MusicServer1 ($995), Synergistic Research The Music Cable DAC ($3600 complete with USB and interconnect cables), KR Audio P-130 preamp with KR05 tubes ($4950), and new-to-the-US KR Audio Kronzilla SX power amp with T-1610 tubes ($17,550). Synergistic's Acoustic ART System, Element cabling, PowerCell 10 SE MkIII ($5500), and Audio Magic Ground Disrupter ($700), as well as HighEnd Novum PMR Premium room acoustic treatment ($2320) completed the chain. Not auditioned was the new KR VA880 amplifier ($5790). This is one of many rooms I regretted having to leave.

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A room filled with "magic bowls" and other snake oil products and you were regretting leaving it. Enough said

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Another room I would have loved to hear!

Happy Listening! ;^)>