Halcro dm58 monoblock power amplifier Sam Tellig June 2003

Sam Tellig tried the Halcro dm58 monoblocks in June 2003 (Vol.26 No.6):

Wondering what the Triangle Magellan loudspeakers would sound like with cost-no-object amplifiers, I called Philip O'Hanlon, the Halcro distributor, to see if he could supply a pair of dm58 monoblocks. Fortunately, Philip was able to oblige—not only with two dm58s but also with a dm10 preamp to go with them. Unfortunately, I was not able to hold on to the Halcros long enough to review them in their own rights. I can tell you that the preamp's performance is as amazing as that of the amplifier.

What the Halcros did, quite spectacularly, was to push the soundstage back so that it extended far behind the speakers, making the room itself matter even less than it had. Also, the Halcro gear precisely delineated each performer and instrument—bringing reality one step, or maybe several steps, closer.—Sam Tellig

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