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ATC Loudspeaker Technology Ltd., Gypsy Lane, Aston Down, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL6 8HR, England, UK. Tel: (44) (0)128-576-0561. Fax: (44) (0)128-576-0683. Web: US distributor: Lone Mountain Audio, 7340 Smoke Ranch Road, Suite A, Las Vegas, NV 89128. Tel: (702) 307-2727. Fax: (702) 365-5145. Web:

Plangent Processes, 58 Miacomet Avenue, Nantucket, MA 02554-4354. Tel: (845) 652-0277. Web:


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Hi John,

Thanks for the article.  Would you know if this tweeter will be retro-fittable to the Classic Series active 50's, 100's, or 150's?  If so, would it entail revision of the electronics, i.e., amps and/or crossover, to optimize for the different driver?



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Dear Sam,

There will be retro fittable tweeter upgrade kits available for classic and tower SCM20/50/100/150 loudspeakers.

Ideally, following the change of any drive unit component (link-for-like or a different component), the response of the loudspeaker should be tested.  However, tests so far have shown that the new tweeter can be fitted with no crossover modifications and an excellent response achieved, within the +/-2dB amplitude linearity specified.

Kind Regards,

Ben Lilly

ATC Loudspeaker Technology Ltd

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I should also add that there will be two versions of the new ATC tweeter.

1.  The SH25-76 as fitted to the Hi-Fi Passive Series (SCM7/11/19/40).  This is the standard version of the new tweeter.  This will not be available as an upgrade part for older models.

2.  The SH25-76S.  This has not yet been launched and will be the part fitted to our higher performance and/or larger more efficient models (SCM20/50/100/150).  This is the 'Super' spec part and has higher efficiency and an extended high frequency response by use of a more powerful (2.0 Tesla) motor assembly.

Kind Regards,

Ben Lilly

ATC Loudspeaker Technology Ltd

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Hi, John,
Thanks for the informative article. At AXPONA in Chicago this spring, one of the best speakers I heard was a company's first speaker, the Benchmark SMS1 Loudspeaker. Turns out this is a sealed box, you can read their design perspectives on the Benchmark webpage. Hope you'll get to hear it and maybe review it. Getting a bit off-topic here, one comment regarding the show, I think manufacturers with a broad product line are missing a huge opportunity by only showcasing their statement products (often at ridiculous volume levels). At least they should have a second "real world" room, and show potential buyers just how good complete systems in the under $5,000 range have become.