Dynaudio, Octave, Brinkmann, and Moon Make Glorious Music

It took until Saturday for the Dynaudio crew to find the right position for the Dynaudio Confidence 60 loudspeakers ($50,000/pair), but once they did, the towering and far-from-lightweight Octave Jubilee Mono SE tube amplifiers ($80,000/pair), paired with Octave's Jubilee preamp ($32,000) with stepped-attenuator volume control, ensured that this system would sing with captivating beauty. The sound of a 24/96 track from Paul Simon's classic Graceland sounded warm and beautiful, with all the soundstage depth, air, and expanse one could hope for. I loved it. The system also used a power conditioner by Torus (The $3999 RM 20) and cables by Matthew Bond Audio.

Next, at my request, came award-winning French mezzo Marianne Crebassa singing two of Debussy's Chansons de Bilitis (Qobuz 24/96 FLAC). I know this recording very well and was seduced by an effortless presentation that fleshed out the warm core of Crebassa's exceptional voice. Debussy's late Sonata for Flute, Viola, and Harp sounded equally entrancing, beauty without bounds. I hadn't heard Moon by Simaudio gear in a while, but the sound through their 780D v2 streaming DAC ($18,000) with 820S power supply ($8500) convinced me to explore reviewing some of their new products.

The Brinkmann Balance turntable ($25,990) with 12.1 tonearm ($6490), RöNt III tubed power supply ($6990), and EMT JSD Novel Titan cartridge ($7760), allied with Octave's Phono Module phono stage ($5600) and Black Box preamp ($1750), did an equally fine job on the midrange core of a track from the Brinkmann coproduced LP Jukebox Jazz. Voice and cello on Imany's "Wonderful Life" sounded so marvelous that I resolved to explore her artistry at a later date.

That wasn't my only resolution upon leaving this room. A few emails and conversations later, I'd arranged to review the Octave Jubilee Mono SE amplifiers for our September issue.

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