Dynaudio’s Wireless Wonders

Dynaudio’s Michael Manousselis was having a ball showing the Xeo 5 ($4500/pair with transmitter and remote) and Xeo 3 ($2300/pair with transmitter and remote). With music sourced from a Mac mini, then sent up to 50’ via Dynaudio’s transmitter unit to the digital amps of up to three sets of speakers, the total-solution Xeo obviates the need for amps, preamps, DACs, interconnects, and speaker cables. Given all that, the sound is pretty amazing for the price.

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Well ,for $6800, I would expect some amazing sound too

Oh wait, no need for speaker cables or interconnects? GOOD! Not sure about your conclusions though, can't tell if you are amazed that it sounds good because of or in spite of?

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Johnny, the prices are $4500/pair for the larger speakers and $2300/pair for the smaller speakers. Customers can choose one model or the other, depending on their needs.  Considering the build quality, appearance, technology, and performance, Dynaudio's Xeo line strikes me as a bargain.

Powered loudspeakers offer a great advantage over common passive loudspeakers in removing the need to match the speaker with appropriate amplification. However, one of the reasons powered loudspeakers haven't gained much credibility in the listening room is that it's troublesome to drape speaker cable from speaker to speaker and an interconnect from the speaker to a source.

The Xeos, however, take advantage of the elegance of a wireless design, while also providing, in theory at least, the perfect partnering amplification for the speaker. For the listener who just wants to play music files, easily, without having to worry about computers, cables, and amplification, the Xeo is a very interesting solution.

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I was expecting a reply from JVS about his "amazing for the price" statement. Sounded like he had reservations or there was a "BUT" in there someplace.

Still, it is a bit pricey.

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A pair of Dynaudio Xcite level speakers with a dac, built in amplifier, remote control, no need for preamp and speaker cable, options for multiple speaker set-up, matchless flexibility in placement is pricey at $2300???

You realize you don't pay for cables, preamplifier, amplifier, cd player and just connect it to a home computer with your music files right? That's an amazing value, and I've heard this system, it's terrific.

It sounds every bit as good as a typical system made up of class B components.

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For the reasons Pause stated, I believe Dynaudio Xeo Wireless Speakers are disruptive technology. Everything in sound is going digital and wireless. This high quality speaker technology knocks out so many nodes between digital sources and analogue sound that cable, conversion and amplifier makers should be frightened to death. You could easily eliminate $10-20K from your system costs; not to mention savings in physical space and reducing significant drain from the electrical grid. Dynaudio didn't sell out, they bought in. cool